about us

compostic is a kiwi company founded by jon.

jon saw plastic becoming one of the biggest threats to our environment and was determined to do something about it. he started researching how he could use more sustainable materials and three years later compostics home compostable wrap was born!

why compostic started


compostic was born with a goal to eradicate the need for traditional non compostable plastics from the home.


jon wanted to provide an easy way for people to avoid the use of plastics, whilst maintaining the convenience that products like cling wrap bring to everyday life.

everybody contributes.

our compostic cling wrap is designed to make it easier for you to make your own contribution to the environment.

how it works

our wrap is easy to use!

simply pull the wrap from the roll, find the easy to use perforations every 30cm and pull to get your piece. compostic is not quite as sticky as normal wrap, so if it gets tangled you can pull it apart and use it again!

How to use compostic wrap

what our customers say


it’s green! there’s no cutter (which is plastic), there are perforated portions, just a cardboard box with little tabs to push at the sides to keep the roll in. worm farm friendly too.


this ones for the homeowners before i forget, we have been using this instead of normal cling and it’s really great!!


it’s honestly amazing, it’s pre perforated so you don’t have to suffer trying to cut the wrap. it’s a lot thicker than other wraps so a lot easier to put over bowls.

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