compostable cling wrap

I'm clingy but I won't overstay
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100% home compostable wrap

compostic guilt-free, home compostable cling wrap is designed to break down completely in just 12-24 weeks - instead of hundreds of years.

why compostic?

small change,
big impact

our dream is to rid the world of non-compostable plastic waste, and we truly believe every small act can make a big impact. compostic is all about CELEBRATING the small wins as well as the big, and we want you to feel good about the contribution that you can make.  

certified home
keeps food fresh
soy based ink
pre perforated
guilt free
non toxic
non gmo
how it works

our wrap is easy to use!

simply pull the wrap from the roll, find the easy to use perforations every 30cm and pull to get your piece. compostic is not quite as sticky as normal wrap, so if it gets tangled you can pull it apart and use it again!

How to use compostic wrap
cerified 100% home compostable cling wrap

guilt-free, green wrap

home compostable products are the gold standard because you can break them down yourself at home and it even reduces your impact on the environment! when you compost, you can take both your organic waste and compostable packaging, and transform it into a valuable, nutrient rich food for your garden.

if you don’t have a compost at home, don’t sweat it - check out apps like, get the friendly team at we compost to collect it for you, or see if you can donate it to your local community garden.  


we love to see you doing your part!

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